Optimisation of production processes

Defining concepts by specifying what is done and in what order will be called a process approach. Management is therefore about solving problems in the following process:

  1. Observing – raising awareness of the problem;
  2.  Formulation – identification of the problem and construction of its model;
  3.  Analyzing – parameters and alternative solutions fall, decision on choosing a specific solution;
  4.  Application – making final decisions, implementing solutions and controlling results

Optimization of production processes is recommended in case of suspicions of unused potential, which may translate into increased efficiency. Very often, process optimization also has a measurable benefit in the form of product quality improvement and timely deliveries. Optimization is the right step when production is too time-consuming or requires excessive costs – which translates into lower margins. Process optimization always translates into increased competitiveness of the company and improvement of organizational culture within the organization.

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