Organisation development through efficiency

An effective organization is a light organization not burdened with unnecessary processes, activities or even contacts. It is important to verify and select activities to be improved in key aspects, i.e.

Healthy organization – whether the tasks performed by employees will add value to the company and customers in the future. Other activities should be considered in the category of potential waste.

They want to make sure that the direction of the company’s development is right – in line with our vision – they should start monitoring key areas by defining monitoring indicators. The most commonly used measure that obscures the workload in the achieved result is the analysis of effects without the number of actions carried out to achieve them. The right indicators are the key to an effective, developmental organisation.

cooperation within the organization has a key impact on the final success. Analyzing the communication and cooperation between departments, i.e. whether the goals are convergent or whether the competitiveness effect is too great, it may show whether the organization has a chance for success and development in the future. Most often conflicts arise between the key departments of production / sales or logistics / production. The key for the organization is cooperation between departments and a common, clearly defined goal, not competition.

A defined but above all understood company strategy is a “key to the hearts of employees”. Development direction, goals and strategic activities must be properly communicated to all employees – it is a tool motivating and identifying with the organization.

Identifying oneself with the organisation is an extremely important issue, as it gives measurable results in the form of higher effectiveness, involvement, lower absenteeism, etc. Employees who do not identify with the organization not only have lower efficiency and commitment, but also transfer it to their teammates.

The above points are the keys to an effective – modern organization, for us they are the elements on which every organization that wants to be a market leader or at least stay on the market must at least take into account. Our practice in these areas and tested models allow us to support our customers in this area as well.

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